Definition of the word Domain

A domain name is the name of a special site
As an example
Is usually describe the content of your site, and often not related to the domain name as the content, but sometimes be a shortcut feature to shorten the name of the site, so easy to save.
Instead of that be, the sums to be, even keeps your visitors.

Another definition:

Is a domain name which is known by the site, and it is a name that targets a particular entity without any bad link or lack of credibility,
 And linking mechanism Domains or domain is by identifying what is known as the DNS and is completely separate from the control panel of your hosting,
 As the domain or range always has its own control panel and payment is renovated completely away from hosting that wish to rent them space,
 And the host does not have the authority to Domains or ranges.

The organization responsible for Domains and Domain is an organization "ICAN" and is a recognized organization in the world
 Give permits to companies that have a weight in the international market informational [online] to sell or bands Domain Names
 Who wants to should buy them pay a certain amount varies from one dollar to $ 10 by the market price of natural,
 Note that there Domains or other distinctive bands were sold in amounts exceeded half a million dollars
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