Definition and meaning of the word hosting

According to the definition of the Internet, the Internet sites it is only the domain name, or domain, the name or address of the site when it is written by the user in the space provided for it in the web browser and Adaft go or GO, the browser goes by to the desired location and this site contains images and writings and materials are the other in turn, should be on the server or a Web server

Here illustrated the meaning of web hosting is evident where the meaning of hosting to host server or a Web server materials and the contents of a particular site and connects your domain to this site by IP address of the server and can be divided into types of hosting to free hosting and other paid and moving some of the companies to provide the hosting service free of charge in exchange for Special services such as advertising on the sites hosted with as well as the companies or individuals who are turning to hosting their sites on free servers waived their many advantages in return for these free, these days has become to go to the free hosting is very simple is negligible except for a few individuals of the few at sites Only small personal most likely the reason for this decrease Dedicated costs paid by a large margin compared to prior periods, which tempts webmasters to enjoy the many benefits that they receive with paid Dedicated

Types of Hosting

- A free hosting service: is a service provided by some of the big sites but this will be for the ads placed at customer sites.

- Shared Hosting Service: hosting server contains many sites ranging from Mthat or thousands of paid sites and is not free.

- Risalrat: and is a hosting service distributors, allows someone to offer free hosting or paid to others via the control panel different from the Control Panel ordinary space.
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